Welcome to a community of ordinary people. 

Ordinary people who go to work, do our best to raise families, go grocery shopping, eat, sleep, laugh & cry. You know the drill. 

Like us, you know that life isn’t always easy. You see events happening around the world and wonder where it’s going and what’s going to happen next. We know that there are many questions that seem to have no good answers. Life has struggles and concerns and worries. 

We get that. 

We don’t claim to be perfect or have all the answers. But we do believe there is hope and meaning and some important answers, and we would love to share that with you. 

Feel free to check out the website and look around. We hope you find a few things. 

We hope that you find that we are passionate about Jesus. He’s central to everything we do. 
We hope that you discover that we care about our community. Serving our city is a big part of who we are. 

We hope you clearly see that we believe the Bible has a message of good news for anyone who is willing to hear it.     

You are invited to come and spend some time with us. If you’re new to church, check here for a few things to make your first visit easier.  You’re always welcome and we hope to see you soon! 

Pr Fraser Catton

Social Media