We are a Christian congregation located in Melbourne's inner south eastern suburbs who meet together every Saturday (Sabbath) morning. All visitors are most welcome to join us for our weekly Saturday morning programs.

Adult Small Group Bible Study (Sabbath School)

Every week small groups get together to share what they have learned from the current week’s lesson study and how it made a difference in their lives.

You are welcome to come along and join one of our Adult Sabbath School study groups.

Adult Small Group Bible Study runs from 9.30am to 10.40am and meets in the body of the church.

This quarter’s lessons for Adults can be found here: Sabbath School Network and Bible Study Centre


Children's Sabbath School

The children in our church are not just the future – they are actively included in the ministries of the church today.

Our Children’s Sabbath School has programs for ages Preschool through to Teen/Youth and provides the children with an hour of active learning geared to their age and stage of faith development. 

We look forward to being able to welcome your child to one of our Sabbath school groups.

Children’s Sabbath School runs from: 9.30am to 10.40am and meets in the Hall behind the main church building.

This quarter’s lessons for children can be found here: Grace Link


Main Church Service (Starts at 11:00AM)

It is a time where we can unite together, gather strength from the Bible and learn more about God.

Following is an example of a typical weekly church services -

  • Welcome
  • Praise Segment - singing of contemporary Christian songs or hymns and praises to God.
  • Prayer
  • Offering - for local running costs or mission projects.
  • Children's Story - a short story is told to teach the Children about an aspect of the Bible.
  • Song or  Special Item - This can be a musical item or even a drama performance on an aspect or story in the Bible.
  • Scripture Reading - a passage of the Bible is read that is relevant to the sermon
  • The message - The local pastor or a guest speaker will share a message with the congregation on God's Word
  • Song
  • Closing Prayer - the preacher closes the service with prayer.
  • Lunch - some weeks our church has a free lunch (yes, there is such a thing!) so you can meet new people or catch up with friends.

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