Dinner with the Doctor

Continue the Journey to Good Health!

The inaugural Glen Huntly Dinner with the Doctor was held on Thursday, November 22, 2018.  The guests were treated to a three course plant-based meal and lifestyle medicine presentation by Dr David Rankin. Dr. Rankin shared that 70 per cent of visits to our GP could be prevented by making changes to how we live. Some of those changes included a balanced diet of mostly low energy-density foods, engaging in regular exercise and getting a good night's rest. 

Below there are links to books and events to help you continue your journey to health and wellbeing.  

Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP) : a six-week lifestlye medicine education program beginning in February, 2019.

Revive Cookbooks : Chef Jeremy Dixon shares healthy, simple, plant-based recipes that the whole family can enjoy. 

Food as Medicine : Award winning cookbook from internationally recognised dietician Sue Radd. 

Recipes from the night will be available shortly.